LRP Vtec 5300 LiPo Competition Line

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LRP Vtec 5300 LiPo Competition Line

Bericht van ..l3art.. op di aug 19, 2008 12:35 pm

Also new from LRP releases is their next generation LiPo batteries. Specially developed for extreme power delivery and runtime, just charge and drive. With unbelievable capacities, LRP breaks down the next barrier and is heading for new limits. Featuring a transparent blue durable hard case to keep the cells from being damaged during use, the new LiPo 5300 features same measurement as 6-cell Sub C battery cell, and fit in all standard 1/10th scale on road and off road cars. Thanks to bulges on the base of the case, the pack fits securely into standard Sub C pre-cut chassis and battery holders.
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