TrakPower 5400mAh 2cell 7.4V Lipo

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TrakPower 5400mAh 2cell 7.4V Lipo

Bericht van ..l3art.. op za jun 14, 2008 8:54 am

-Ultra high performance 1/10 scale hard-case LiPo battery.
-TrakPower specific cell type developed purely for racing.
-100% factory matched cells for IR, Capacity and Voltage
-Meets and exceeds ROAR Sanctioning requirements.
-TrakPower-exclusive gold-plated terminals.
-Wide area ultrasonic tab-welding.
-Incredibly low IR value, unachievable with other chemistries.
-5.25 mOhm typical at the terminals!
-Terminals mate with Sermos, Corally, or standard 4mm Gold-Bullet connectors.
-Simple connection with V-Balance hardware and chargers.
-100+ race-worthy cycles with very simple maintenance
-Massive run-times, 25 minutes achievable from one charge.
-Maintains 7.4V+ flat-line discharge performance under typical racing loads, for consistent power and precise control.
-No memory-effect, can be part-charged at the track as required without need for deep discharge cycling.
-2C fast charging (with V-Balance recommended)
-100+ race-worthy cycles, 200+ for practice.
-Typical race consumes just 20-30% of capacity, charge times are short even with 1C charging.
-Extremely slow self-discharge, can be charged days or weeks ahead of use.
-Easy to charge and maintain in peak condition with a simple LiPo charger/balancer combination
-Eliminates complex charging routines.
-TrakPower comes from the same stable as FlightPower, technical and market leaders in LiPo for RC Flight market.
-Drop-in packs for chassis designed for Sub-C stick-configuration packs.
-TrakPower V-Balance system available for plug and play maintenance, performance-optimization and charge-safety.
-TrakPower Pit Pro 550 Li charger, fully compliant low-cost high quality 5Amp charger available for a painless transition to the new power-source for RC Motorsport.
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