Tamiya M-03M (MINI)

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Tamiya M-03M (MINI)

Bericht van Ludo op ma feb 09, 2009 11:30 am

M-03M Chassis with 225mm Wheelbase

The M-03M chassis features front-mounted motor and front wheel drive just like the actual car for realistic handling. The easy to assemble, slim monocoque frame is made of durable resin, and features a 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension with lightweight uprights for sharp steering cornering performance. The suspension's wheel axles are also fitted with eight 1050 size ball bearings to minimize friction loss, while the authetically replicated 11-spoke wheels are mounted with 60D radial tires for great traction.

【 Specifications 】  
●Length: 347mm ●Width: 168mm ●Height: 138mm ●Wheelbase: 225mm ●Weight: 870g ●Tread: (Front/Rear) 138mm ●Tire Width/Diameter: (Front/Rear) 25/59mm ●Frame: Monocoque Type ●Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive ●Diff. Gear: 3-bevel Diff. ●Steering: Special Long 2-piece Tie Rod ●Suspension: 4-wheel Double Wishbone ●Dampers: (Front/Rear) Friction Dampers ●Gear Ratio: 5.8:1 ●Motor: Type RS540 ●Speed Controller: ESC
【 Separately Required Items 】 
●R/C Unit: Expec GT-I or 2-channel R/C system ●Battery: Tamiya 7.2V Racing Pack or equivalent ●Alkaline Batteries for Transmitter


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