DF03 RA rally racer

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DF03 RA rally racer

Bericht van TamiyaMarino op di nov 11, 2008 10:06 pm

Leuk nieuw speeltje van Tamiya. Zowel on als off-road.

Shaft driven 4WD chassis features a new suspension system with plenty of suspension stroke to allow dynamic driving on both on-road and off-road surfaces.
Rally block tires.
Comes with DF-03 drive train, which includes front and rear ball differentials and full ball bearings.
CVA Damper Super Mini for front and rear suspensions.
2 types of rear suspension arms allow wheelbase adjustment, enabling fitting of short wheelbase (251mm) bodies as well.
Upper arms feature threaded shafts enabling camber angle adjustments.
Electronic speed controller (TEU-101BK) included for export version.
Type 540 motor included.
Choice of 3-gear ratios: 8.22:1, 7.90:1, 7.16:1
Includes two spur gears (78T, 75T) and two pinion gears (29T, 32T)


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