Tamiya Volac Brushless !!!

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Tamiya Volac Brushless !!!

Bericht van ..l3art.. op za okt 18, 2008 9:23 pm

het gaat dus om de "LRP SPHERE Competition TC-Spec Brushless + Brushed Digital" in een Tamiya jasje Very Happy

4 adjustable Modes NiMH/LiPo, ADPCTM Power Profiles, Initial-Brake, Automatic Brake
BEC / Electric power supply of the receiver 5.8V/3.0A
Brushless+Brushed yes
Brushless+Brushed Adaption automatic
Weight 45.0g
Size 33.1 x 37.6 x 32.5mm
High frequency yes
Integrated heatsink + fan yes
Internal-Temp-Check-System yes
Launch Control yes
Rec. Motorlimit Brushed over 4 turns
Rec. Motorlimit Brushless over 3 turns
Multi-Protection-System yes
Power-wire 3.3mm² silicone flex
Sensored Brushless System ja
Voltage Input 4-6 cells (4.8-7.2V)
Rated Current (Brushed) 400A
Rated Current (Brushless) 400A/phase
Typical Voltage Drop @20A (Brushed) @20A - 0.012V
Typical Voltage Drop @20A (Brushless) @20A - 0.017V/phase
Forward/Brake yes
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